We are ATMosphere

ATMosphere combines solid engineering with a strong emphasis on aesthetic design. We believe that the natural fit between an object and its surroundings enhances both. We create hard-to-miss architectural sculptures that stimulate and seduce the senses. By exploring both nature's beauty and geometry, we add unique character to every project.

Our people

Fotografie door Frans Kanters
Marisja Smit

Marisja Smit studied at the art academy in Kampen and later in Enschede. She incorporates her love for organic materials in her work. Nature is her source of inspiration. “In the shapes of my creations my fascination for mathematical patterns is often very clear”. She is a strong communicator and makes sure the organisation is running smoothly. She also holds a vast experience with planning large projects.

Fotografie door Frans Kanters
Antal Bos

Antal Bos studied architecture at Delft University of Technology; architectural engineering at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and sculpture at the Art Academy Kampen. His main affinity is with architecture and the visual arts in their broadest form. In addition he has extensive experience in the design and implementation of major art projects.

Fotografie door Frans Kanters
Thijs Trompert

Thijs Trompert studied sculpture at the art academy in Kampen. He is self-taught in many techniques and strong in visually depicting complex applications and assignments. Thijs has extensive experience in leading and executing large projects where different disciplines come together.

Our history

Born in 1998, Founded in the year 2000

The Genesis

ATM Model Art is born.
Roundabout Art
Expo in our own studio. With a real roundabout accessible for cars to drive trough.
Hardcore to the Boom
An 18 meter tall tree made of wooden beams and recycled pallets.
Down the Rabbit Hole
1st Edition
Concept and design for all areas of the 1st DTRH festival.
ADE Info Tree
Design and construction of an info and sales stand in the shape of a bonsai tree. Placed on Rembrandsplein and Leidseplein during ADE festival.
De "Tuureluur"
A 7 meter tall watchtower where the peak view is at the old sea level. Placed in nature park NETL in Kraggeburg.
Our art at Burning Man USA
Our own art at Burning Man! Part of the 'Franchise Freedom' project in collaboration with Studio Drift.
Kingsday in Amersfoort
Construction of a new gate to the city in the city centre of Amersfoort. Presented to the Royal Family of the Netherlands.
Our 20 year anniversary! Stepping into the future with a new name and the same ambition
De loods - ATMosphere
Fotografie door Frans Kanters