Building is our second nature, and nature our first love.

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ATMosphere combines solid engineering with a strong emphasis on aesthetic design. We are convinced that the natural fit between an object and its surroundings enhances both. We create hard-to-miss architectural sculptures that stimulate and seduce the senses. By exploring both nature's beauty and geometry, we add unique character to every project.

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Antal Bos, Thijs Trompert, and Marisja Smit are artists with rough hands. They play with steel, chop wood, and weld until it's a sweet pleasure. They are builders. Rugged, tough, and crazy about machines. Sawdust on their workwear, steel splinters in their fingers.

A book about artists with rough hands
Almost two years writer Thijs Tomassen and photographer Frans Kanters followed ATMosphere. Observing their journey creating mesmerizing art. Their story is captured in this book.
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