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Municipality Amersfoort & St. Elizabeth Groen
3,5m x 3m x 9m

ATM upcycled a metal cone, which was a part of the demolished Elizabeth Hospital in Amersfoort. The cone previously formed a curious housing for a ventilation system and electric motors that controlled the opening and closing of a glass roof.

This area has now been developed into a park by the municipality and Foundation Elizabeth Groen. To commemorate the hospital, they were looking for ideas to create an interesting landmark, which would ideally implement the cone.

The cone’s interesting appeal and love for area development led to ATM submitting a sketch. One thing led to another.

The first step was to renovate the cone. The inner construction and numerous dents were removed. We attached lifting eyes and transport rings to optimize transport and further processing. The cone spire was blasted and dezincified in the largest dezincification bath in the Netherlands. After this treatment, a large hole was restored and the cone was ready to be modified.

To commemorate all births and deaths that took place at the hospital, a pattern of holes was cut out of the steel with a plasma cutter. This was done using a map of the constellations, which is spherical. This had to be grasped on a cone. This gives the visitor a night sky simulation when entering the object.

The cone functions as a sundial because the axis of the cone is lined up with the axis of the earth. On the 21st of June 2021, during the summer solstice, the 12 o'clock symbol was placed on the bench beside the object.

Now you can tell the time based on the shadow of the cone. Hence the name; Ruimte-Tijd.

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