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Cuckoo's Nest

Netl Camping Kallumaan & ITW ADE
Cuckoo's Nest
Tiny House
Frank Seltzer, Kultlab
4m x 4m x 9m

A question arose from Kultlab and Frank Seltzer for a site specific, unique accommodation for campsite Netl Camping Kallumaan.

ATM responded by designing and building the Cuckoo’s Nest. This architectural shelter functions as residence for up to four people. The construction is designed to be moved easily, fitting with their flexible landscape design. It is entirely transportable by truck. Setting up and dismantling can be done in a short time with a crane.

The upper structure is made out of steel and wood with a transparent glass facade. By placing the house on a steel foot, it arises as a striking landmark that interacts with the surrounding landscape.

The object is placed on four concrete slabs. These form the foundation and keep the structure in balance, as well as creating a 4x4 meter terrace. There are multiple rings mounted against the ceiling of this exterior space, to which hammocks and hanging chairs can be attached. As well as a custom screen that can be mounted in different ways, to create privacy and protection against wind. This way people can customize the layout of the outdoor space.

This is also the case for the interior. When entering the house you find a flexible living area, with multiple functions that can be “turned on and- off”. For example, there is a foldable table and sleeping couch. Against the sloping wall there is a fitted closet that widens vertically, and this way emphasizes the livability by helping create the spaciousness that you experience. The furniture can be arranged to optimally use the space according to your liking. This way the relatively small space becomes very usable. You can head up the ladder to the master bedroom, from where the visitor can enjoy the stunning view.

This convergence between architecture, art and design effectively creates an ATMosphere. The Cuckoo’s Nest is not solely an inside space, but it also provides for a relationship with its surroundings. The deviations made by ATM challenge the visitor to play with the living-space. This enhances the feeling of connection with its surroundings.

Tiny House