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Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Garden Innovation
Private client
5m x 7m x 4,5m

It was time for a new Teahouse, since the existing one was falling apart and the roof was partially blown off by the wind. Because of an unforeseen slot of time in the schedule, ATM flew off the handle on the design. Luckily the clients were very enthusiastic and open towards a wilder plan.

This enthusiasm led to ATM designing and executing a complete upgrade for the garden, in which the existing plants were re-used, and moved as little as possible.

The Teahouse itself is a hybrid between a Japanese and Scandinavian style. A part of the roof is glass, which lets in natural light and heat from the sun. It has a semi-covered BBQ area, a veranda and a characteristic tower that lets in the natural light.

Additionally, the roof, as well as the existing garage, were completely covered with Mos Sedum. This is good for the environment, insulates the structure and creates a pleasant view from the balcony.

Garden Innovation